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Page Under Construction
official_jagex wrote in thejagexlj
Hi to all our RuneScape and FunOrb players on LiveJournal.

This page is currently under construction. Once it is up we hope it will help provide a useful news source, and contact to Jagex, for all of our Livejournal using players.

If you have found this page and have any suggestions or requests for things that we can do with it please let us know by posting below.

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I think you guys should have contest here for free memership credit.

You know, contest that free users can enter...

Interesting idea, any suggestions on what sort of contest it should be?

Mod Ajd

Best PVP Screenshot, Best Music Video or you could start off a poem about RuneScape and the best ending wins or something.

I remember a long time ago there was a competetion for Funorb and you guys chose a person who edited there screen shot of Deko Bloko (mine was not edited and was an Arcanists picture) and that person won. I really think I should of won tho since it said nowhere you could edit your picture.

Well anyways I think you should have another screen shot competition, however this time we should not be able to edit the screen shot (if you guys want to give me the FunOrb credit I am still glad to take it).

We should also have a competition where somebody can write a new quest for runescape (or mechscape).

Looking forward to all the new content.

excellent, just what we want to hear :-)

Mod Ajd

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